School and community groups from the tri-counties area are invited to visit the SciTechatorium.  “SciTech” visitors are met by BSFCS sixth grade “Student Curators”.  We are also honored to have a number of adult docents from our surrounding communities.  

This year’s tours are available on Mondays from 9:30-10:20am or 10:50-11:40am beginning January 9, 2017 and ending June 5, 2017.

Please call BSFCS at:  (805)595-7169 for more information or to book a group tour of our SciTechatorium.

SciTechatorium Mission Statement:

Our community project, the SciTechatorium was created in 1996 as a “ hands-on”, child friendly science learning facility. Our main goal is to unlock mysteries of science and technology for visitors of all ages.  We hope to help educate children about the exciting world of science in a way that children can understand and enjoy.  Witnessing young people explore science has been truly magical.   It is our belief that this “hands-on” concept can help visiting students of all ages experience a deeper awareness of science throughout their daily lives.  Another goal is to foster a better comprehension of scientific principles and a stronger probability of retention.  We are proud that some of our visitors and Student Curators have left our facility with an interest to pursue a career in the sciences, medicine and in related fields of engineering.


A key to the success of the SciTechatorium has been the significant participation by students, staff, parents and community groups.  We would like to build on the success of the SciTechatorium’s programs and to create a more comprehensive science experience for all Central Coast and Bellevue Santa-Fe Charter School students. Areas of study that we are attempting to strengthen include:  “Green Energy” design and use, Space Science, Introduction to Physics and Chemistry.  Our goal is to make our exhibits more thematic and interactive.  Encouraging student investigation and application of the “scientific method” of problem solving in order to align more closely with the California State Standards.


Currently the SciTechatorium exhibits are utilized by students from San Luis Coastal and Lucia Mar School Districts, as well as Bellevue Santa-Fe Charter School staff and students grades K-6.  CalPoly University classes, Ed. 432 &300, taught by Dr. Bob Cichowski and former SciTech Curator, Chick Fedel have been taught at this unique site. We have worked closely with the Material’s Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and other Cal Poly University Engineering Departments. The SciTech Solar Project was designed and installed by an interdisciplinary senior engineering team under Dr. John Pan’s guidance. The solar project helped to reduce BSFCS’s “carbon footprint”.


We must renew interest in science and engineering.   Our students are our future leaders.  They must help our nation to continue to be a world leader in areas of Medical and Space Research, also “Green Energy” development; to mention a few.



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