6th Grade Guitar with Marc Bloomberg


About Marc

I have been teaching guitar since I was in high school, and full time the past 10 years or so. I’ve taught at several local schools and home school groups, and really enjoy working with “kids” of all ages. I also teach ukulele and bass guitar as well as songwriting and music theory. I am privileged to perform locally, and when the situation is right, I ask my students to perform with me. I was raised in California, went to Cal Poly, then moved to the island of Kauai where I spent 17 years. After a brief 3  years in North Carolina, I returned to my home here on the Central Coast in 2007 and plan to live out my life here in paradise! I teach private lessons and give discounts to the Bellevue family. I hope to continue teaching at Bellevue for many years to come!