Governing Board

One of the cornerstones of our school is the belief that education is a cooperative process involving students, teachers, parents and the greater community. The governance structure of the school – a Governing Board assisted by an Advisory Council – reflects this cooperative spirit. The Bellevue-Santa Fe Governing Board is comprised of six voting members with representatives from the school staff, a respected community member, and the parents or family of students. The Governing Board’s primary function is to make and oversee policy concerning the operation of the school, including budget development, charter accountability and revision, and bylaws.

Governing Board 2019/2020

  • Kevin Ashworth, Staff Representative
  • Cole Cheatwood, Parent Representative
  • Ellen Pitrowski, Community Member and Board President
  • Rob Rijnen, Parent Representative
  • Julie Stellpflug, Parent Representative
  • JoEd Sennes, Staff Representative
  • Holly Warrick, Administrative Representative

Upcoming Governing Board Meetings

Monthly meetings are generally held on a Thursday and start at 4:00PM in the Library. Check individual agendas or email notifications, as dates and times may change. Final dates and agendas are posted outside of the front office and emailed to parents/guardians before each meeting in accordance to Brown Act regulations.  Questions can be directed to the BSFCS front office at (805)-595-7169.