Lunch Bunch

Bellevue’s lunch program (Lunch Bunch) is a organized and implemented by volunteers through the PTO.  Lunch Bunch is excited to offer BSFCS families hot lunch options. Lunch Bunch uses an online ordering system.  Included in this page are instructions for ordering, descriptions of the lunches and our local vendors, and a calendar view of the lunches.  Please support our vendors when you can!  And a huge thank you to Rod Kalpakoff for writing our online ordering program!! Your order will be placed online, but you will need to pay by check or cash. Your total for your order will be indicated when you place your order, and your check should be delivered to the Lunch Bunch envelope in the school’s office. Checks are payable to BSFCS PTO. A single check in the amount for the whole family is fine. Questions or comments, contact Nancy Tejada.  Assistance with payment for Lunch is available through the Free and Reduced Lunch Application (from first day packets).

NOTE: Please keep in mind scheduled field trips when ordering lunches.

Printable Menu

April-June 2019 Lunch Calendar »

Online Ordering Instructions


  1. This is a secure site requiring login. Username and Password were emailed to all BSFCS parents. If you need the login information resent to you, please contact Lisa or Merri in the front office. If you are having issues logging in, please contact Nancy Tejada.
  2. Once logged in, click on the Students tab (or you may go there automatically).
  3. Towards the left top you will see “Students” and then “Home” underneath.  Below that is “View”. Click on the pulldown menu next to View and select the Forum list for your child.
  4. A student list will appear. Click on your child’s name.
  5. There should be 3 menus for your child, one for each month of this quarter.
  6. Click “Edit” next to each month to order lunches for that month.
  7. Take a good look at this page.  It lists the menu items by day of the month on the right.  On the left, you select which items you would like to order.  The “No Sauce” and “No Meat” options are available on each menu at the top. Click through and select all items you wish to order for that month.
  8. Click “Save” when done.
  9. Do the same for the other two months.
  10. Notice after saving your selections, the field “Lunch Orders – Amount Due BSFCS” gets updated on the Student’s page.
  11. If you have more than one child, go back to Student list for the other Forums, then place the orders for additional children.
  12. Log out under Bellevue icon at the top right side of page.
  13. Write a check to BSFCS, drop it off in the Lunch Bunch envelope in the office and you are done!

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Menu Descriptions & Options

Get details about individual vendors and their specific menu items »

Vegetarian Options

Our lunches are available in vegetarian options. When placing your order, click the “No Meat” box at the top of the order on each month. If you click on the “No Meat” box, these are the vegetarian alternatives that will be served:

  • Teriyaki Rice Bowls, Thai Chow Mein & Thai Fried Rice will have tofu
  • Pasta will have sauce, but no meatball or chicken
  • Cheese enchilada is the vegetarian alternative to chicken taco

No Sauce

If you prefer pasta without sauce, please click the “No Sauce” box on each month page when ordering online. The No Sauce option will include butter and grated cheese for your lunch.

Milk Options

A container of 2% or chocolate milk is included in the cost of the meals. An additional container of milk may be purchased separately for $.50.

Smoothie/Sandwich Day

Smoothies are 12 ounces and a turkey & cheese sandwich is included. The smoothies do not contain dairy. Milk is not served with smoothies.

Volunteers Always Needed!

Parent Volunteers are needed to pick up and/or serve. This is a fun way to get to know the kids and school community, and an easy way to fulfill your volunteer hours request. Please consider being a part of the Lunch Bunch Crew – contact Nancy Tejada at (559) 799-3286 to volunteer.