AgGrow Committee

Welcome to AgGrow Committee, and thank you for signing up to help keep our garden safe and productive!

Committee Members

  • Staff Chair: Christian Strauli
  • Carrie Gorton (White)
  • Sarah Diggs (White and Blue)
  • Amanda Balogh (Orange)
  • Tim Webb (Blue)
  • Michelle Simonsen (Blue)
  • Anna McCain (Red)
  • Lauri Quinn (Blue)
  • Natalia Wellman (Yellow, White and Blue)
  • Chris Nielsen (Orange and Purple)
  • Tina Crozier (Orange and Red)
  • Erin Tracht (Orange)
  • Trevor Marum (Green)

Meeting Notes

Meeting Agenda for October 13, 2014 »

Current To-Do List

We hope to keep a running To-Do list available here for the committee to have the flexibility to work according to their own schedule. We will also try to plan occasional group work days/times to complete larger tasks. Please contact Carrie Gorton if you complete a task or would like to have one added here to keep the list current. Here’s what we know about so far:

Larger Project Needs:

  1. Paint greenhouse (Carrie and Sarah to start on Tuesday, October 28)
  2. Inspect and revise watering system on burm/fruit trees

Ongoing/Regular Maintenance:

  1. Weed beds and perimeter (always needed!)
  2. Weed-eat around orchard trees and elsewhere where weeds are high
  3. Manage pests as needed (gopher traps, pellets okay if covered well and NEVER DIRECTLY IN RAISED BEDS)

Wish List

  1. Succulent clippings for class Friday, October 31 living wall project
  2. Good Quality Wood Chips Delivered
  3. Topsoil Delivered (1-2 yards at least)
  4. Work Tables and/or watering racks for greenhouse (see Christian before delivering anything)

Garden Redesign Project

Next steps:

  1. Remove back six beds
  2. Build fence around new front beds
  3. Install work tables and plant racks in greenhouse

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