Camp Bulldog

BSFCS After School Program 2016/2017


Camp Bulldog is designed and facilitated by credentialed teachers as a safe and fun after school environment for all Bellevue-Santa Fe students, Kindergarten through 6th grade. It meets Monday through Thursday.


Camp Bulldog is offered 4 days a week:

Monday (12:00-5:30 PM)
Tuesday (12:00-5:30 PM)
Wednesday (12:30-5:30 PM) *Minimum Day for BSFCS*
Thursday (12:00-5:30 PM)

Currently, there is no after school program on Fridays.

We have extended our hours to 5:30 PM to accommodate working families. PLEASE do not be late, as our teachers have families and obligations. An additional fee of $1.00 per minute past 5:30 will be applied for late pick-ups.  If there is an emergency, please call Sandy Adler or the teacher on duty and arrangements will be made. Also, please note the current noon start time is to accommodate Kinders early dismissal through the Winter Holiday break. Starting in January, Kinders dismissal time is 1:30 PM, and after Spring Break they are dismissed with the other students at 3:00 PM. Camp Bulldog start times will reflect this schedule.

Lunch and Snack

Kindergarten students should pack a lunch every day during the noon dismissal period. All students need to pack a lunch on Wednesdays, as no school lunch is served. It’s also a good idea to bring a water bottle. Camp Bulldog provides a small, healthy after school snack and drink.


Camp Bulldog features a variety of fun activities including cooking, art, homework time, games, outside adventure, library time, and SciTechatorium visits.


To enroll your child, please phone the front office directly or use the Camp Bulldog sign-up sheet in the school office. Enrollment is flexible, and can be done on a daily basis or filled in for the month.


The cost for camp is based on $8.00/hour. The sibling rate is $6.00/hour. Bills are calculated to the nearest half hour and sent home via email at the end of each month. The preferred method of payment is credit card. Please leave your credit card information with Lisa or Merri in the front office if you are interested in using this form of payment. Credit cards will be processed on the 5th of the month for the previous month, for those who have credit cards on file. Please make checks out to BSFCS.

Outstanding balances require established payment plans prior to Bulldog attendance.  A history of missed payments may result in exclusion from this program.  Financial assistance may be available per request through administrator contact.

Camp Bulldog:

Monday 12:00-3:00pm (Erin Tracht)/3:00-5:30pm (Sandy Adler)

Tuesday 12:00-5:30pm (Natalia Wellman)

Wednesday 12:30-4:00pm (Sandy Adler)/12:30-5:30 (Natalia Wellman)

Thursday 12:30-3:00pm-(Erin Tracht)/3:00-5:30pm (Kathy Foster)

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or feedback. We’re looking forward to seeing you at Camp Bulldog!

Sandy Adler, Program Administrator (