Mini Bulldog Newsletter: March 23, 2018


Dance with Josh Ekblom Monday, March 26

Dr. Chess Wednesdays 12:30-2:00

Dance with Josh Ekblom Wednesday, March 28

Dance with Josh Ekblom Thursday, March 29

Minimum Day, beginning of Spring Break Fri., March 30 ~ 12:30 dismissal

Spring Break M-F, April 2-6

Terry Kaiura to screen for color blindness    Wed., April 11 ~ 9:00       

Groundbreaking Ceremony ~ Thurs., April 12 ~ 8:30

School Town Hall Meeting Thurs., April 12 ~ 5:30-7:30

Chris Stellpflug to do dental screenings for K-3 Fri., April 13 ~ 8:45

May I Be Happy- screening at BSF Sun., April 15 ~ 2:00-4:00   

Purple & Red to CC Aquarium Thurs., April 19 ~ 8:45-3          

Gather & Give at the Engle’s home Fri., April 20 ~ 6:00 pm      

Governing Board Meeting Thurs., April 26 ~ 4:00 pm

Kathy Foster’s Retirement

I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone at Bellevue for their kindness and generosity over the past year since my mom’s medical incident. Your support through cards, letters, flowers, and donations, as well as those who have gone to visit, means so much to my mom and to our family. It has been a difficult year for her and for us, so I thank you for your words and gestures of love.

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to retire Kathy from Bellevue and from teaching. Unfortunately, it is not possible for her to continue working in her current physical and cognitive state. As you all know, teaching was Kathy’s passion and her true calling. Her heart and soul went into every school year, every class, and every kid. She told me many times that she wanted to make every child feel special and I think she achieved just that. She had a true talent and dedication for educating and inspiring others. I am so thankful for all the wonderful years she had as the Kindergarten teacher at Bellevue.

I am happy to announce that Kathy has recently been transferred closer to home. She is now at Santa Maria Care Center and would welcome visitors. Please keep in mind the recovery period for brain injury is a very long one. Her long term memory and sense of humor are still firmly intact, so I hope you can talk about good memories, tell her how you are doing, and have a nice laugh. However, please keep in mind that her verbal communication, short term memory, concentration, energy levels, and mobility have been impacted. Her ability to engage with people varies day-to-day but she will love seeing friendly faces no matter what. It is best to visit in the mid-morning, during lunchtime, or early afternoon. I hope many of you will be able to go visit with her over the coming weeks and months.

Thanks again for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Sarah Foster

Color Blindness Screening

Terry Kaiura (a parent and local opthalmologist) will be screening 2nd grade boys for color blindness on Wed., April 11.  If you would prefer that your child not participate in the screening, please contact the school office.  Thank you.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

All are invited to attend and share in the excitement of the groundbreaking ceremony for the BSFCS Renovation Project.  

Calling All Governing Board Candidates

One Governing Board position (two-year term) for parent representative is open this election year.  To run for the Governing Board, candidates should submit to the administrator a 200 word or less statement describing their qualifications and goals and attend at least one board meeting prior to the election. Please submit your statement to Holly Warrick on or prior to Thursday, April 12.  Thank you!

Dental Screening

Friday, April 13, Chris Stellpflug will be conducting dental screenings for our K-3 grade students. The screenings will start after assembly, and conclude before morning recess. If you would prefer that your child not participate in the screening, please contact the school office at (805) 595-7169.

BSFCS School Carnival, Save The Date – May 20

As a tradition, the 22nd school carnival will be held on Sunday, May 20th, 2018 on campus from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.  We have a petting zoo, a new food vendor, a family keepsake carnival photo-op, a rock climbing wall, 30’ obstacle course, a 2 lane bungee run, hamster balls on water, bungee trampoline jumps and much much more!  It will include 7 raffles to be won! Each class K-6 will create a raffle basket to “OOHHH” and “AHHH” over! And of course, the cake walk . . . where everyone wins! This is a fun family day and there will be no auction items.  Wristbands will be sold on site for unlimited use of all activities for $20 per child. We hope to see you all there.

Please contact Megan Horner with questions, interest in helping, and donations.


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