Mini Bulldog Newsletter: February 23, 2018


Last Day of Art with Tina Crozier Mon., Feb. 26

Governing Board Meeting-Closed Session Mon., Feb. 26 ~ 2:00-3:00

Dr. Chess Wednesdays 12:30-2:00

Blue Forum in Catalina M-F, Feb. 26-March 2

Dance Elective Performance Tues., Feb. 27 at morning assembly

Green & White Forums at Camp Ocean Pines W-F, Feb. 28-March 2

New Student Enrollment Packets Due Wed., Feb. 28

Aladdin, Jr. DVD Orders Due Wed., Feb. 28

Yearbook Artwork Due Wed., Feb. 28

Orange Forum to SLO Museum of Art Thurs., March 1 ~ 9:30-12:00


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Lost and Found

Next week the smaller lost and found items will be put on the wall in the  front of the school.  When the older students return from camp, the larger items will go out front too.  At the end of the second week, all items remaining on the wall will be collected and donated.  

Wishing all our Campers a great time, filled with fun and educational experiences!


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