Governing Board Meeting Notes, September 25, 2014

Location: Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School Library
1401 San Luis Bay Drive
San Luis Obispo, CA  93405


Thursday, September 25, 2014

4:00-6:00 p.m. OPEN SESSION

In attendance:
Board: Brian Getz, Kevin Ashworth, Jen Jarvis, Cheryl Kotlarek, Sarah Diggs
Public: Rosemary Canfield, Ellen Pitrowski, Lea Payne, Lisa Funk, Jared Salter,
Kristina Gee.

1. OPEN SESSION______________________________________________________

1.01 Pledge of Allegiance 4:05

2. ACTION_____________________________________________________________

2.01 Consensus on Order of Business

2.02 Approval of Minutes 06/10/2014 – Kevin made a motion to approve the minutes.  Jen seconded.  All were in favor.

3. PUBLIC INPUT_______________________________________________________

3.01 Correspondence

3.02 Public Comment – no public comment

4. ADMINISTRATOR UPDATES____________________________________________

4.01 Math Program – Common Core aligned math program enVision has been adopted.  Promotes conceptual thinking and encourages students to read and write.  Online resources are helpful and offer a variety of resources for our students and parents.

4.02 Measure D – San Luis Coastal Unified School District Bond – BSFCS is included in Ballot Measure D.  The facilities committee will be working on creating plans for building new and renovating existing structures at BSFCS.

5. INFORMATIONAL____________________________________________________
5.01 Reports by Board members – Cheryl – glad to be back. Sarah – greenhouse is getting installed over the weekend. Cheryl Jones has been a huge help in the garden. Jen – fun start to the school year.  Getting into goals for sportsmanship.  Kevin – It’s been a great start to the school year. Goal setting conferences have been very productive. It’s a good process for students to experience.

5.02 Enrollment Report – all classes are now at 22 students.

6. PUBLIC HEARING_____________________________________________________

6.01 Public hearing for instructional materials sufficiency – The public hearing was held. Students at BSFCS have sufficient instructional materials.  Cheryl made a motion that our students have sufficient instructional materials. Kevin seconded.  All were in favor.

7. DISCUSSION________________________________________________________

7.01 Proposed new Board Policy: Residency Policy (2nd reading) – Brian reviewed the two additions made to the policy.  The term “reasonable” was discussed.  This policy will probably move to action item on the next agenda.  Brian made a clarification of the purpose of board policy and encouraged the board to research other policies.  Implementation of the policy is an administrative function.

7.02 Proposed revisions to Board Policy: Admissions Policy (1st reading) – Brian covered the history of the admissions policy and discussed the process by which the board and community will review the policy.  A public forum will be held on October 16th at 5:30.

Lisa Funk – thinking about the former footprint – SLCUSD does not guarantee students a school in Avila.  The charter should offer priority to siblings because it is a family school.

Kristina Gee – Once we admit students, they become part of the family of BSFCS. Pulling apart families to go to different schools damages the school community.

Rosemary Canfield – There are options for families that may have to attend different schools.  She knows families that have moved into the former attendance area specifically to attend Bellevue.  Whatever is enacted, it should be applied fairly and consistently.

Ellen – Staff children should be in one category.

Back to Board:

Sarah – clarified the footprint and our ability to move categories. Jen – likes a more streamlined categorization process. Kevin and Cheryl would like more information from community and families not yet in our school.  Brian will clarify whether or not board members should attend the community forum (Brown Act compliance). He encouraged the board to be active listeners when approached by community members. Board members’ discussion should be confined to the Open Session of the Governing Board meeting.

8. ACTION / CONSENT AGENDA___________________________________________

8.01 Approval of Personnel Handbook – has been reviewed by counsel. New additions and modifications have been made as mandated by law. Sarah made a motion to approve the Personnel Handbook. Jen seconded. All were in favor.

8.02 Approval of Report Cards – Kevin made a motion to approve the report cards. Cheryl seconded. All were in favor.

8.03 Acceptance of Donations – Cheryl made a motion to accept the donations. Kevin seconded. All were in favor.

8.04 Approval of August Budget – Sarah made a motion to accept the budget and actuals. Cheryl seconded. All were in favor.

8.05 Approval of 2013-14 Unaudited Actuals Report – Kevin made a motion to accept the Unaudited Actuals. Cheryl seconded. All were in favor.

9. ACTION_____________________________________________________________

9.01 Action on Consent Agenda

9.02 Action on items removed from Consent Agenda

9.03 Advanced Agenda – move Residency Policy to action

10. ADJOURNMENT – to meet again_______________________________________

10.01 Next meeting, Thursday, October 30, 2014

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