Governing Board Meeting Minutes, November 18, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Governing Board Draft Minutes


Location: Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School Multi-purpose Room

                 1401 San Luis Bay Drive

                 San Luis Obispo, CA 93405


                 3:00-4:00 p.m. CLOSED SESSION – Administrator’s Office

                 4:00-5:00 p.m. BROWN ACT WORKSHOP – Library

                 5:00-7:00 p.m. OPEN SESSION – Multi-purpose Room

Board In attendance: Jen Jarvis, Kevin Ashworth, Marc Lebed, Brian Getz, Cheryl Kotlarek, Sarah Diggs – Absent: Kathleen Schroeder

Public in attendance: Jared Salter, Lea Payne, Ellen Pitrowski, Brandon Gregorio, Kristina Gee, Lisa Funk and Rhys Heyden


1.01 Announce Closed Session items


2.01 Administrator Goals

2.02 Potential Litigation: Admissions Policy

  1. OPEN SESSION______________________________________________________

3.01 Announce action from Closed Session – Two items were discussed. Administrator goals: improve facilities, policy development and implementation, maintain balanced budget, refine Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), refine student support program, website development. The second item discussed in closed session was the admissions policy, which was discussed during open session.

3.02 Pledge of Allegiance – Meeting was opened at 5:12 by Marc

  1. BROWN ACT WORKSHOP_____________________________________________

4.01 Annual workshop on Brown Act regulations (open to the public). Marc conducted the annual Brown Act training.

  1. ACTION_____________________________________________________________

5.01 Consensus on Order of Business – It was decided to move admissions policy to first item on the agenda.

5.02 Approval of Minutes 10/30/2014 – Brian made a motion to approve the minutes. Kevin seconded. All were in favor.

  1. PUBLIC INPUT_______________________________________________________

6.01 Correspondence – None

6.02 Public Comment – None

  1. ADMINISTRATOR REPORT – Brian reported that the school has received a matching grant from the Avila Beach Foundation for iPads. Brian expressed gratitude to the Foundation for their continued support. He also thanked Ane May and Lisa Ritterbuck for organizing and hosting the SciTech fundraiser. He reported that the fall pledge drive is going well.
  2. INFORMATIONAL____________________________________________________

8.01 Reports by Board members – Kevin – Let’s Taco-bout It has been moved to

December 12. Cheryl – excited to attend King Lear at the Performing Arts Center with the sixth grade class.

8.02 Enrollment Report

8.03 Governing Board Goals – A copy of the 2014-2015 board goals was included in the Governing Board packet.

  1. DISCUSSION________________________________________________________

9.01 Proposed revisions to Board Policy: Admissions Policy (3rd reading) – Brian reported that the Admissions Policy Advisory Committee (APAC) was formed and has met twice since the October Governing Board meeting. They were able to reach consensus on a recommendation for the Governing Board. Three factors were considered in their recommendation: equity of community and students, benefit to students and their education, legal requirements. APAC felt that within the law, as a conversion charter school, we need to give priority to the residents in the former attendance area. The committee also felt we should do all we can to enroll siblings. The recommendations from the APAC were distributed to the board and public.

APAC Selection Categories recommendations:

  1. Continuing students.
  2. New student siblings of continuing students within the former attendance area.
  3. New students within the former attendance area.
  4. New student siblings of continuing students.
  5. New students of fulltime certificated staff.
  6. New students within SLCUSD.
  7. New students outside SLCUSD.

APAC also recommended adding a paragraph giving the Administrator the authority to increase class sizes as he deems appropriate. There was Board discussion about the Admissions Policy Advisory Committee (APAC) recommendations, followed by public comment. The Admissions Policy discussion was then brought back to the Governing Board for further discussion.

Revisions to wording were suggested in the Administrator discretion paragraph. After revisions it read: “In the event a student in categories 2-5 is not admitted through the BSFCS lottery, the administrator may expand class size at the administrator’s discretion. The administrator’s decision to expand class size shall be based on, but not limited to: BSFCS family continuity, impact on staff and instructional programs, and physical plant considerations.”


  1. ACTION ___________________________________________________________

10.01 Approval of Admissions Policy (3rd reading) – After much discussion by the Board, Marc made a motion to approve the Admissions Policy with the APAC selection categories recommendation and revisions to the Administrator discretion paragraph. Brian seconded. All were in favor. Final approval is conditional upon review of legal counsel and consideration by our charter granting agency.

10.02 Approval of Proof of Residency Policy (4th reading) – Brian reported that per Governing Board request the Proof of Residency Policy Writing Committee had reconvened. The most recent Proof of Residency Policy revision was presented to the Board for consideration. Counsel was consulted on this policy.

Sarah made a motion to approve the Proof of Residency Policy with changes as indicated, (enrollment clarification, title changed to Proof of Residency Policy. School counsel will be consulted. Marc seconded. All were in favor.

10.03 Approval of First Interim Budget Report – Kevin made a motion to approve the budget report. Cheryl seconded. All were in favor.

  1. CONSENT AGENDA_________________________________________________

11.01 Acceptance of Donations

11.02 Approval of October Budget

Sarah made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda. Marc seconded. All were in favor.

  1. UPCOMING MEETING PLANNING_______________________________________

12.01 Develop Agenda – Information report on Admissions and Proof of Residency policies.

12.02 Review assignments and action items – Brian will consult with counsel regarding the changes to the policies.

12.03 Next scheduled meeting: January 22, 2015 unless a special meeting is needed to review Admissions or Proof of Residency Policy after consultation of counsel.

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