What is a Charter School?

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Charter schools are often referred to as “schools of choice” because of their unique nature. Enrollment is by family selection in that there is a choice between attendance of a public charter school instead of their neighborhood public school. Charter schools also enjoy greater flexibility in curriculum adoption and policy creation than traditional public schools. Charter schools work within the established framework of California charter school law, by providing a mission, methods of assessment, student outcomes and goals in its “charter.” Some charters, such as BSFCS, are overseen by their own Governing Board. In essence, a charter school functions as a small school district. This operational structure allows for unique implementation of the adopted states standards in adherence to California State Education Code.  Charter school educators have opportunities to develop the educational programs they feel will best serve their students.

Bellevue-Santa Fe received the 93rd charter approved by the State Board of Education and began operation as a charter school in September 1996.